Two of the cornerstones of life…. Peace and The Great Outdoors.
Peace Outdoors is a celebration of those who embrace the wilderness.
Whether trekking in the desert southwest or fishing off the outer banks of
North Carolina, find your Peace Outdoors and revel in it!

All of our designs are centered around engaging with the wilderness and
the outdoors. The petroglyph (rock art) designs that we use can be found
amongst the boulders and canyon walls of the desert southwest.
Although rock art can be found the world over, the richest concentration of
petroglyphs are in the eastern parts of Utah and Arizona, within 50 miles
east or west of the 110th meridian west.

Most of the rock art used in our designs are found on public lands. Any
that we find on private property are done so with the consent of the owner.
Although most petroglyphs are not named, some of the more popular ones
have gained colloquial nomenclature such as the “Wolf Man” or the “Big
Crane”. When possible, we use these locally accepted epithets. We also
come up with names that seem to fit the art. There is no intent on our part
to try to rename anything. If you know of another name for a petroglyph
that we use, please contact us and let us know.

Except where noted, we try to remain true to the original artwork. When a
petroglyph has been marred by graffiti, vandalism or bullet holes (yes,
bullet holes), we will virtually restore it to the original, as best as we can.
One more note on the rock art. It’s really old. As a general rule, between
400 and 4000 years old! As with any ancient site, whether you find
petroglyphs or ruins, take only photographs and leave only footprints! This
rule is non-negotiable!!!.